On Fire

I woke up this morning very sore with a headache. I must be fighting off something vicious because my entire body feels like it's on fire. But things need to get done. El had a friend sleeping over, and B had an afternoon playdate, so I cleaned the house - washed floors, made beds, tidied up, baked my stand-by butter tarts, and threw on a pot of tea. I thought that would make me feel a bit better, but truth is it briefly diverted my attention from the fact that I was in pain. Depsite all this, I survived. Crafts were made, socks were knitted, company was hosted, and the driveway got shovelled (this was no easy task as snow fell fast ALL day!). Here are some cardboard eggs we decorated for Easter, and one day of knitting the Monkey. I am using Patons Kroy 4-ply sock yarn that I had in the stash, and it is knitting up quick! The pattern is easy to memorize even though it is 12 rows. This was the first time I followed a chart - are you shocked?

I should head to bed and at least appear ill. Toodles.



~RaenWa~ said...

Gee I feel like a bum here you are your body is hurting & you did all that my throat is killing me & I got very little accomplished today I hope you feel better soon it sucks being sick..Great looking eggs & socks get some rest

Katherine said...

I'm shocked. Love the socks though (I have an unfinished one of those around here somewhere) and I think the idea of decorating cardboard eggs is brilliant.

I hope you got a rest in bed because your sick day was more productive than most of my well days.