Oh dear! Please excuse my absence. We have been very busy with the holiday and house guests and wedding planning but luckily we have made a lot of progress on the wedding planning end. The reception site has been agreed upon and the dress has been bought. I would love to post a picture of the dress but as the husband does read our humble blog every now and then, I don't want to run the risk of him seeing it.

Your cowls look so cozy and soft and lovely, N. I could use one of those here what with the spring snow we've been getting. We are supposed to get a bit more tomorrow and I'm hoping that that's it for the season or I will seriously consider moving!

T took a picture of the Easter butter lamb that I saw at the grocery store and just had to have. Has anyone seen one of these before? This was a first for me. Anything made of butter is great but butter in the shape of an animal is doubly great.I'm going to feel terrible cutting into the lamb but toast isn't going to butter itself I suppose.


Anonymous said...

See please here

Katherine said...

Yikes! Spammer!

I have never heard of a butter lamb, but it's awfully cute for Easter. I agree, heck, butter is just great.

I wish we could safely see your dress! Ah well, I suppose you will post pictures after the actual wedding, right?

~RaenWa~ said...

Aww isnt the butter lamb cute I didn't see anything like that in my store I am glad your wedding planning is coming along bet ur dress is beautiful

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could have strategically carved the butter lamb into a butter ewe. =)

Weddings...I love weddings.