All the Trees are Hers

The concert rocked. Even J shook his head grinning that he hardly expected 'that'. I can honestly say Hawksley is 100 times better live than recorded, not that I don't enjoy listening to his albums all night and all day because lord knows I do. It's just he exudes something on stage that I can't explain. I forgot my camera in all the excitement, so I can't even show you.

Picture the band deep into "Striptease" breaking into "Crazy in Love" - the crowd just lapped it up. It was hilarious. Check out this interview - it's Hawksley talking about his new album. He's so dreamy!

The Charade socks are complete! I am so thrilled. I would wear them tomorrow, but I have a 'function' to attend bright and early in the morning that requires something a bit more dressy. They will just have to wait for the weekend for prancing and parading.

Speaking of tomorrow, it's the last day of school before March Break. I am not sure who looks forward to the time off more - me or the girls - but I do know that I will cherish each of those five mornings in which I do not have to pack nary a lunch or school bag. Five mornings to sip my coffee and read the news on-line and dress for work at my leisure. It's gold.




Katherine said...

I thought I commented here before! Love the socks - are they very tricky?

Enjoy your mornings!