Happy Canada Day!

As a data person, I often come across some interesting names. Here are some Canadian cities/places with names that we should all be proud of.

- Community Punch Bowl, Alberta
- Hooker Mountain, British Columbia
- Ebb and Flow, Manitoba
- Poodiac, New Brunswick
- Ass Hill, Newfoundland
- Blow Me Down, Newfoundland
- Ecum Secum, Nova Scotia
- Repulse Bay, Nunavut
- Dummer, Ontario
- Chicken, Saskatchewan
- Poodles Corner, PEI
- Shitagoo Lake, Quebec

Enjoy your day off you Canucks!


kataish said...

I had to work :( But I only worked a half day!

Theres also Dildo, NL and Goobies, NL. Theres a lot of weird ones in NL, actually... I see them all the time at work!

I like the idea of "Community Punch Bowl", heh.