Slogging at Blogging

Essential Items for One Park Outing - sock knitting in a pretty waterproof sac, giant mug of very caffeinated coffee, my Mp3 player turned B's Mp3 player which was once filled to the gills with crafty podcasts and independent movie soundtracks (am firm believer that soundtracks and 'best of' albums are strictly for housewives so must act part) now filled to the gills with Hi-5 and Hannah Montana - dittys for kiddies, and a camera for El to capture private investigative-like photos of B.

6:42 p.m. - Subject sits atop playground slide and ponders whether or not to slide. This could be dangerous. May need assistance.
6:43 p.m. - After an uneventful trip down slide, subject surveys environment and proceeds cautiously to different equipment. May suspect she's being followed.
6:45 p.m. - Subject is obscured by giant purple plastic steps. Could subject be training for a secret mission?
I know the picture is crappy, but regardless, it's proof that I am indeed finished knitting the February Lady Sweater. I am ready to cast on for a second in teal Patons Classic Merino wool. And I've lots of time to get going on it, because we're heading out of town for FIVE days! That's never happened in the history of us. The last time I was away from home that long was before kids, and my 'rents were footing the bill! I had thought that we would be 'puter-less during that time, but J insists we have 10 hours of remote service a month included in our internet service - so I won't be gone completely, but I am interested to see what 10 hours of computer use divided amongst four avid computer users looks like over five days. I'd hate to see fists flying.
Off to continue the packing saga. We can barely walk around the piles of clothes, books, pillows, sheets, food, and of course, electronic devices. Toodles.


Knit and Purl Mama said...

We're trying to get away in 2 weeks with the kids. No idea where to go though.

Love Lady Sweater. Model it!!

kataish said...

oh man your FLS looks so totally awesome.

Have fun whilst away!

OzB said...

The buttons are awesome N! What a great find. And the sweater is just beautiful too. Lovely job. Can't wait to see you model it!

Hey are you really moving?

And did B get a hair cut?

Oh man.....all this stuff is happening and I'm missing it all. Now I feel like a mushroom LOL.