Taking the Good

My cousin passed me an envelope the other day while we were grocery shopping, and I threw it carelessly into my shoulder bag, and I breezily noted I would open it later as if it were nothing. It wasn’t until this afternoon while I was rooting through my numerous bags I drag around with me for a flippin’ wine gum or something sweet that I found the envelope. I threw it on my desk and searched out my handy-dandy envelope slitter thingeee. I zipped it open and began to read the card. It was full of the loveliest words and praises – to ME!! I got a tad teary reading my personal little ode. How sweet a scribbling! Maybe she’s right, and I am a real angel, or maybe she’s reminding me that I do have some good qualities. Heck, I don’t know. I do know it made me feel all warm and syrupy inside, and I feel like spreading the love everywhere. I am thinking that maybe she’s the flippin’ saint, and I plan on telling her that. I might add that she’s a turd too – crying in front of people might make me appear like a real softie. I can’t be having that.

We went for a long walk the other night through our leafy little neighbourhood and up through some walking trails along the big river and back, and I looked over at El about five minutes into the walk, and she had a huge smile on her face, and I looked down at B, and she was laughing and swinging my arm back and forth, and my heart literally burst with love. El is the same height as me. We’re the same height! That’s huge. And B held onto my hand the entire time, and our hands got really sweaty, and they started wrinkling like they do in the bathtub. I thought about taking my hand back to dry out, but I figured that it wouldn’t be too long before she would not want to hold my hand everywhere we go. I cherished my wrinkly hand for hours after. This is all I need, and these are the moments that I want the girls to remember long after they’ve grown up.

I stumbled upon this blog several weeks ago when looking up natural cleaning solvents, and yesterday Dana posted a gorgeous quilt that would inspire even the non-craftiest person in the world to quilt, and she’s flippin’ givin’ it away! All you have to do is leave a comment. She’s insane. Really.

And just 'cause I haven't pulled out the camera in weeks - my bad - I am taking you back four years. Look at my babies!




Knit & Purl Mama said...

It's always nice to receive a note from a friend for no reason ;)

kataish said...

awe, that note sounds so sweet!

The quilt link doesn't work! fix it! fix it! I wanna see it ;) hehe.

knitty_kat said...

OMG! E? That's E? She's smiling - I didn't know she could do that (what happened?) LOL

B is always a freaking cutie!

And you are awesome - don't sell yerself short - why do you think I bug you so much?