Inside and Out

The girls and I have been festival-hopping. Last weekend it was the Caliente Spanish Festival at the market, and this weekend it was the Home County Folk Festival in the park. I am pooped. We've been lucky weather-wise, and occassionally it rains, and we duck back inside, and I promptly pull out my knitting. I am only two inches away from finishing the second sleeve of the February Lady Sweater. I could have been done days ago, but I spontaneously cast on for a baby kimono sweater using the Mason-Dixon pattern and a couple random balls of dishcloth cotton. Must get back to the FSL!! Pictures to come soon, but need new batteries!

I have bright orange ditch lilies! So pretty. I have also been shopping for some pretty fabric and sewing accessories for our swap pals. I hope they like what we have chosen for them! I should really be cleaning the house, but I just want to sit down with a good book and my knitting and lots of cups of tea. Given all the time in the world, this is what I would do. Such a lazy bum. So I will make myself get up and clean up all the summer clutter! Please let it get done quickly and painlessly. If I was really good, I would grab a garbage bag and start chucking. I want to live more simply, but the reality is a good deal of it is needed and valuable. What a predicament.

Enough of my blathering, I'll go throw on another round of Feist and get tidying!