Open Season

To fully appreciate the buttons for the February Lady Sweater, I had to super macro it. Each button is quite different. I am over-the-moon happy with the buttons! This close up actually shows the 'cinnabar' colour much better than the previous post. It's so flippin' rich!

The orange feeling must be catching 'cause I caught B wrapping up a Polly Pocket with orange playdough this morning amidst the organized mess we like to call packing. In fact, this makes me think I could pass off our normal everyday mess with, "Excuse the mess. We're in the midst of packing." When asked where we were going, I might respond with, "Crazy."
I found this picture on facebook of my 'rents. Where else would I find a picture of them??? It was taken a few weeks back at an out-of-town family picnic. What are they pondering so seriously? Fun times. They're probably thinking that I should be packing and getting things in order instead of blogging! This is kind of the look that they give me when I start babbling. Yes. That's the look exactly. Okay, okay. I'm off. Really.



Lindsey said...

Ooh, that button is pretty!

And after seeing your sweater, I had to check out the pattern some more. I have some Lamb's Pride worsted, and it turns out I probably have enough for this pattern. So I may have to make my own! :-)