The Art of Acquisitions

My gratuitous copy of Mason Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines arrived on Thursday, and I was like a kid with candy. This book is so flippin' cool. Did you see Amanda's Jane Austen? I need an entire night on the sofa with a hot pot of tea to absorb every hysterical word. I love reading their blog, and I loved their first book. I am most certain that this book will amuse me to no end.
Last night I went antiquing with a long lost cousin, and we hit an antique mall for three hours! They had to kick us out - no word of a lie. I don't think we even saw half of it. I have lived in this city for fourteen years, and I've never thought to enter its doors. We have made arrangements for Part 2 - The Rest of the Booths! Unbelievable. I bought this blue and white plaid mohair and wool throw made by the Hudson's Bay Company - I believe it will match my blue Christmas theme. I also bought a queen-sized heavy white cotton coverlet set complete with pillow shams for our bed. I really lucked out and found a wire set of sock blockers for $5. There was so much else that I wanted to buy, but I had to show some restraint plus there's always next time!
I nearly forgot to update on the Year of the Frog contest out at Isa's Bloomin' Bog. El won the photography contest for her age group - she received this frog needle-felting kit, and B got an honourable mention for her colouring page. The girls were thrilled. Not to mention, me - I've never needle-felted before! I am certain that I will need to assist her with this project!
Happy weekend, everybody!



Montreal Mama said...

Ooooh! Now I want to get my hands on that book! LOL.

OzB said...

That book sounds totally awesome! How ever did you snag a gratituous copy?? Can't wait to see the felting project finished.

And I LOVE antiquing!! Which one did you go to?

knitty_kat said...

antique mall? Where??

Katherine said...

A gratuitous copy? How did that happen? I think I need that book.

You know, I've never checked out the antique malls here either. You got some lovely stuff. Sock blockers - yay!

And congrats to El and B!