Year of the Frog

Amphibians could be the next dinosaurs! I didn't know that. My friend, Isa, owns the Bloomin' Bog just north of London, and she is campaigning to save amphibians along with this organization called Amphibian Ark. On the weekend, we went out to walk around the bog, and El took pictures (luring her with the camera is the only way to get her in the car to come along these days). The chalk drawing is courtesy of yet another knitter, the blogless Alana. I was so impressed that I poked El and forced her to photograph it too.
Tadpoles! Kat was brave enough to hold two up for El. They're so cute.
I like this picture of Jenny holding a slimy frog. There's a photo contest and a colouring contest that the girls are eager to enter. I think El has a couple other frog pictures, but this is definitely a contender!
B's been hard at work colouring, and she's pretty confident that she's got a winner. No pressure on the other little frog lovers!
Sorry, turtles. It's just not your year. But you're cute too.
Frogs matter. Jump in!


OzB said...

You are totally awesome N!!! Thank you so much for little spiel on Year of the Frog. I have passed it along to Amphibian Ark too!! The frog photo El took is great and so is B's colouring! Thank you, thank you - one million thank yous!

Anonymous said...

Great work, my friends! Thanks for doing your part to save amphibians. cheers, Kevin Zippel (Program Director, Amphibian Ark)

knitty_kat said...

Hey, these turned out really well! You should see the size of those tadpoles now!!