Purely Elemental

I rushed home after work to find this exquisitely put-together birthday gift from T.

I desperately want to be Amanda Soule when I grow up, and when The Creative Family came out on April 1, T gently reminded me that my birthday was coming and it would pay to be patient. So I waited, and I was rewarded in spades. Check this out - Denyse Schmidt mix & match stationery, two balls of Garnstudio Silke-Tweed in delicious gold, Plymouth Yarn Rockin' Sox in red and brown, Lana Grossa Meilenweit stripey sock yarn, Bath & Body Works Velvet Tuberose body cream, and what I am guessing is the prettiest red Target reusable bag in a zipper pouch with a BIRD on it! It's like she totally gets me. I'm not going to cry.
Just the other day, the littlest and I were snuggling and sharing how we had once again spent our day apart, and we were talking about friends, and I mentioned T, and she looked up at me very seriously and asked me if I missed her, and I nodded with a lump in my throat and blinking back tears.
It's not every day you meet someone who shares the same interests and is equally passionate about creating and reminds you to stay real and gets your silliness and off sense of humour. If it wasn't for T, I'd still be knitting garter-stitch novelty yarn scarves for pre-pubescent girls. I wouldn't be blogging or wanting to be like Soule Mama. I'd definitely be strangling my loved ones, and ridiculously throwing everything out of perspective. I believe I asked her last week if I was schizophrenic for thinking I was schizophrenic, and she talked me down from the roof and calmly replied that I was neither. Having her for a friend is gift enough for me! Thank you, T, for the presents, the constant inspiration, and your undying belief in me. How do you do it???

Enough of my blabbering, look what I've been working on -

I am using one hank of very pale pink of Romni Wools angora silk, and the pattern is from Alchemy Yarns of Transformation called Slanted Eyelet Scarf. The angora silk is super soft, light, and warm. It drapes prettily and will make a perfect gift for someone. I have a few people in mind, and it all depends on how quickly I can churn them out who will get this one. The pattern is extremely simple with only two rows. I have three hanks of this yarn, and I am very tempted to order more - maybe later, as it looks like I have a great deal of sock knitting to do in the meantime. And it looks like the dryer is on the fritz again, so maybe I should be saving up some cash. Fritz would be a very good boy's name. Growing up in Woodstock, there was a little shack that sold the best french fries and hot dogs, that's if you're into hot dogs, and it was called Fritzie's. This is how my mind works. Where was I? Oh yeah, flowers.

Flowers from my garden . . .



Anonymous said...

What a beautiful gift and what a lovely reflection this was to read. And happy birthday! Here's some dulce de leche ice cream and two dozen chartreuse spider mums.

Also? that lana grossa is absolutely beautiful. I am currently with no yarn in the house and so I think a walk up the street to needles and pins is in order this afternoon.


Montreal Mama said...

I got Mama Soule's book too, I can't wait to read it!

knitty_kat said...

you didn't show me the hand cream . .that looks awesome - oh and all that yarn. Hee hee!

Katherine said...

You got me all teary! That is a beautiful gift. Nothing like when someone really gets you, huh? And beautiful colors - they match your flowers.

I want to be Amanda Soule too. I got the book last week and read it almost immediately. We've already incorporated a bunch of things, and while we're moving I've lent it to a friend to read.