Talking and Walking

Today, the girls and I walked downtown to Museum London to be Sunday Artists with our friends, Emily and Sophie. It was messy, very hairy, and lots of fun. I didn't take any pictures of that portion of our day simply because there were a ton of signs posted at the museum outlawing cameras and bags and jackets and everything else I happened to be toting. I brought D.I.Y. Kids along with me to inspire our art, and El and I decided to go with a graffiti picture. I am lousy at graffiti, and El seems to be a professional. How can it be so hard you ask? Try it. Grab some paper and make it look like graffiti. I think it was because there were too many people watching.
This was our walk home. Single file. It's how we walk. Single file. We also like to say 'dandelion'. Really slow and dramatically. Dan . . dee . . . Li . . . on. And we giggle a lot. And then we called each other dandy. These two are hilariously random. The word 'random' makes them giggle too.
When you're five, you need to take lots of breaks from walking, but when you're twelve, you just want to get home.
Salt & Pepper Shakers from Emily. In addition to these little gems, she also gave me some Sunday tea and brown Kandis tea sugar from The Tea Haus. I am drinking a hot cup right now. This is how all Sundays should be spent.
As if that wasn't enough, we popped into the market while downtown, and we sat with my knitting peeps for a minute while the little ones ate cookies, and sweet Shelaine gifted me these pretty stitchmarkers. She could not have possibly known that I was trying to root around for a silly stitchmarker early this morning to no avail.

Off to knit and polish off another weekend. Cheers!



knitty_kat said...

don't laugh but I LOVE the danelion pic! You totally need to upload it to flickr!!

Katherine said...

I love the dan dee li on picture too. You have some beautiful girls, you know. Liam has been planting those seeds all over our backyard - too bad we're moving, huh?

Montreal Mama said...

Love love love your salt & pepper shakers!