Sea Legs

Outside on the balcony of the Sapphire Princess and the waters of the Pacific are calm. Inside however, there was swimming, eating, golfing, eating, a wedding, and oh, did I mention eating?

The cruise from LA to Vancouver was my sister and her now husband's idea. They wanted to have their wedding somewhere different and somewhere everyone could enjoy and have fun. I think my favorite part of the whole vacation was being with my family. T and I had great fun hanging out and swimming with my nieces and nephew and trying new things with my parents (late night comedy shows and line dancing, oh my!). For most of us, this was our first time cruising. For anyone who has ever gone on a cruise, you know that when you get back on solid ground you'll still feel the boat moving beneath you. My first night home I swear the bed was still rocking in the waves. It's all worth it when you have a 24 hour buffet and room service though!

Now it's time to diet and get back to the usual routine. The closest I got to crafting anything was marveling over my niece's felt ball that she made at kid's club on the cruise. I should have gone with her...but I was lounging by the pool with a huge plate of food.


Anonymous said...

Sounds marvelous! My husband and I honeymooned on a cruise ship. It was only 5 days from LA to Ensenada, Mexico and over 10 years ago. Need to criuse again.

Beautiful pic too. Hope you get your land legs back soon! =)