A Woman's Work...

...is never done. That's what I feel like this week. With T gone to Toronto to visit friends and folks, I've been keeping myself occupied by tidying up the house (it was very needed), laundering everything I could get my hands on (oooh, stain removal!), experimenting with baking, and get this, recycling. Gasp! Taking out the recycling and the garbage are T's jobs but since he's out of town for ten days I couldn't possibly leave the garbage until his return. So I gathered up our piles of refuse and out to the bins at the back of the house I went. On my second round of paper and plastics I noticed a lilac tree that had blossomed just behind the garage next to the recycling bins. I had never noticed it before and the blooms smelled so lovely. The smell of lilacs always reminds me of my childhood growing up in Fredericton, NB. Anyway, back into the house I went to get scissors, elated over this discovery.Earlier in the day I decided to try baking cakes in jars. Yes, sounds weird but I'm actually a little late in the game. I came across the idea on Delicious Days and then Angry Chicken made some and they were so cute I kept coming back to them. I finally picked up some half pint canning jars at the super market and whipped up a batch of lemon sour cream pound cake and banana chocolate chip jar cakes.I was a little nervous about the whole canning thing, having never preserved anything before, but I made sure that everything was sterilized and amazingly the jars sealed right up. All they need now are some cute labels. I will keep these ones around and taste test them at different intervals. A possible wedding favour idea?

I am off to finally do some relaxing after this busy long weekend (oh yes, happy Memorial Day!). I have a new knitting project started but that will have to wait until next time. Bye for now!


inkberryblue said...

I've never come across cakes in a jar before.
Thanks for the links ~ I'll have to try making some.
...and the lilacs look absolutely beautiful. =]