Tick, tick, tick

Co-worker: What did you do last night, T?

T: I turned two cakes into a baby.


I often get teased for making lots of things into babies, cake, icing, batter (we had a Dutch Baby for breakfast over the weekend). I'm not saying that my biological clock is ticking or anything...

Anyway, the recipient of the above baby cake (a co-worker of mine) was also gifted this little hat. The pattern is from Itty Bitty Hats (thanks Dad!) and is the very first pattern that I knit entirely on double pointed needles. DPN's aren't as scary as I thought they were although it still kind of feels like knitting with an octopus.
Babies in hats with ears are the best!


c.Rachel said...

Wow, you have a gift! That cake is too cute!

I agree...babies dressed as little animals are adorable. Your hat is very sweet!

Katherine said...

Beautiful - both the hat and the cake! So wait, did you make the cake pictured on N's birthday?