Video Killed the Radio Star

It normally takes me a really long time to catch on to things. For instance, I started watching Law & Order a decade after it began, and I was heckled for asking if anyone had watched this new legal drama that was simply superb in my mind. Well, last night I finally figured out the mp3 player I bought myself in October for $15. Perhaps I hesitated because it was so cheap that it surely would not work or be easy or not include batteries or something silly. I have many issues and these neurotic tendencies seem to hold me back from achieving a great deal of success and pleasure – I am sure of this. I had planned to go for a long walk, and I thought it would be nice to finally listen to the hundred podcasts I downloaded over the last few months in anticipation that one day I would find the nerve to open my new mp3 player.
I did it. It was not difficult or confusing at all, and it sounded and played perfect. Wow! It’s really cool. I walked even longer than I had set out to walk because I wanted to hear more and more. This gadget is gold. It’s nearly all I can think about today while working. Would it be possible to type minutes and listen to Alicia Paulson talk about her crafts and blog? Does it get any better than this?

I am off to the Knitters Frolic in Toronto tomorrow, and I am so excited. I didn’t really consider going because of multiple responsibilities, but I was able to load them all onto my parents, and now I am free to hit the road! Oh, lucky me!

Knitting this week has been slow - a row here and a row there. I hope I can drag myself out of this slump. Over the last two weeks I've managed to churn out an old 3/4 finished scarf. A scarf that no one will ever want or wear, but I have freed up two pairs of needles which makes the waste of knitting the dang thing all worth it. Someone has got to love its cheap mohair/acrylic blend, its fuzzy scratchiness, and its insanely bright orange colour. In all honesty, it's so ugly, it's cool. Someone is getting it for Christmas whether they care to or not.


Montreal Mama said...

Have fun at Frolic! Can't wait to hear about it!

knitty_kat said...

I'm glad that you were able to go. It wouldn't have been the same without you!!


We should go for coffee this week - maybe Tuesday?

Katherine said...

It's hard to keep up with posts without much screen time (ah well, it's back on today). Anyway, I'm with you about catching on to things. I'm finally giving some consideration to watching Lost. But your player sounds great - I really should make better use of my IPod.

I hope you had fun frolicing!