If Only Every Weekend Could Be Like This

Where do I start?

That was the mother-flippin’ bestest birthday a girl could possibly want. I visited the mother ship, I bought gads of wool, I had my hair cut and styled by a true artist, and I ate two of the world’s best sandwiches all the while spending my time with really good friends and my sweet family.

To avoid duplication of services and for a superb synopsis of Saturday and the Knitters Frolic, please visit Kat. I couldn't possibly add more!

Here’s my little haul. I couldn’t help it. Once I started swiping the credit card, it was insanely difficult to stop. I did discover that one can be over-stimulated by fibre. Sometimes it’s good to just sit down and sip a latte and knit a few rows instead of petting to regain one’s senses.

Sunday morning, J made us pancakes, and my dad picked up B to take her to the beach for fries and a walk, and my mum, El and I headed out to get our hair cut and styled. Very unlike myself, I had over-confidently assumed I knew where this fancy-schmancy salon was located; however, as I always do, I had left plenty of time to get myself out of this inconvenient jam, and we were on the front step exactly nine minutes before our appointments. Whew! Over the next hour, we basked in having our hair shaped and sculpted. We looked stunning and proceeded to parade ourselves shamelessly about town!

My mum took us out for lunch at a quaint fantastic little cafe where El proclaimed that she felt like she was going to "spew". My mum looked confused, and I had to translate for her, "She means to say that her lunch was delicious, and now she is full." Then we headed to my parents' to meet back up with B and my dad.

It was still early, so we went for a walk in the conservation area behind their house, and their were "ninety sixty hundred million" snail shells, so B and I attempted to save a few from being trampled on by the deer. They looked very pretty. Any ideas of what I should do with them now???

My dad bbq'd some chops and wedges, and we gorged on vanilla cake and frozen yogurt, and then I got to open my presents! It was a Paderno extravaganza - mixing bowls, a sauce pan, and some bakeware! I almost missed the jewellery set that my mum had crafted just for me! I was so spoiled!

Not only do I have such an awesome family, I have the bestest friends ever too! Thanks, T, for alerting everyone around here - you'll get yours! And Julia remembered my birthday as she sat on her crapper - she insists that it's really Dutch to post your birthday calendar beside the loo, but I fear I am much Dutcher, and I've never seen it done. Regardless, it worked! And all the messages from friends far and wide were cherries on top of my Sunday. As B says,"Sanks!"



knitty_kat said...

You look like one hot Mama! I still say we should do cake . .or Dairy Queen this week! We didn't get to do desert on Saturday!

Katherine said...

Oh man, so much to comment upon! Lucky, lucky you!

Your hair looks great! I've never seen your hair before, really, so I'll just imagine you always look like that, 'kay? And your HAUL!!! I'm drooling. I see the words "angora" and "silk" right next to each other. And what's that purple stuff on the right? It looks very soft. Plus I just love Paderno, although I have precious little of it.

Okay, so is London just full of snails? We spent much of our last visit collecting the shells (although we didn't bring them home...wonder where we left them...).

And lastly: I wish we had an Ikea. {{sigh}}

~RaenWa~ said...

I am glad you had a happy birthday & that you and your family all had such a wondeful time

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing all the birthday goodies! Great haircut too!

OzB said...

Love the hairdo; loved the frolic; love your haul!

Did I hear Kat say "Dairy Queen"? Waaaaaaaah....I want, I want [lol]