The Love Boat - Exciting and New

My favouritest sister gifted me these fantastic Comic Blocks showcasing 'a week @ work', and for the first time in ages, I am looking forward to work tomorrow morning and giggling with my co-workers as they pass by my desk. These blocks are mother-flippin' hilarious! My favourite is a little office worker on the phone requesting, quite seriously I might add, "I'll have an order of the strange flavor beef." How many times have I eaten really expired food in hopes that I might have a legit reason to call in sick???
Another reason I look forward to work this week is Charlotte Diamond is coming to town for her annual concert, and as always I have backstage access for me and the littlest. There are definite perks to my job. We've dusted off the ol' hug bug (above), and we've been busy polishing up on our favourite tunes.

Come on board, we've been expecting you!



Montreal Mama said...

Those blocks are cute!

~RaenWa~ said...

LOL those blocks are funny I am sure it will get a lot of laughs around the office

Katherine said...

I love those blocks. They'd be a great office (Secret Santa-type).