Screens Off Week

I am committing a major offence by blogging today as this is the second day of our self-imposed Turn off the Screens week, but I am still catching up from the weekend, and we won’t tell the children. The girls were loafing around on Saturday, so I whisked them off to the dining room where I had laid out all the goodies to make paper bead necklaces. We used glue, knitting needles, magazine pages, and string. It held their attention for all of about 30 minutes, but it satisfied my need to have them up and doing something productive. It takes very little to make me happy. El was a good enough sport to take the pictures, and some very good pictures she did take.

Hopefully I will see you all again this week - I just need to do it on the sly!



Katherine said...

Again, El did a beautiful job with the pictures; quite an eye she has (that last bit sounds like it was said by Yoda: take pictures she can).

I forgot all about paper necklaces. Now that's some fun. Cheers to you for turning off the television, by the way. I think Mark would have some sort of stroke if I took away his computer (actually, so might I), but the tv would be a great idea. The kids don't watch much anyway, but after they're asleep, nine times out of ten that's what Mark and I do. : (

~RaenWa~ said...

Can I borrow El for pictures I can't seem to take good pictures of anything to save my life..The paper necklaces are a cool idea..I have no problem turning off the tv but I am not so sure about the computer lol with the bf it would be the other way around lol..

Montreal Mama said...

What a cute idea for crafting!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being sly and sharing! Lovely necklaces and models!