Unwrapping Nature's Gifts

I am starting to venture outdoors a little as the weather warms up and the snow is melting, and I have begun to tackle the garden in my attempt at some spring cleaning. The littlest was helping me. Bless her dear little heart.We took a walk down to the river to see the flooding, and you can't see it, but the playground is somewhere in there.
The littlest is into meditating as well as designing fashion. I asked her to model the hat I knit up using the rest of my lavendar Cascade 220 Heathers wool, but instead we ended up getting a good giggle over her posing. The pattern is the Baby Hat with a scalloped edging from One Skein Knits. Love the pattern, and love the wool. Two nights of casual knitting, and it was complete!
And I was given a glass bird vase very similar to this picture by a very good friend as a gift for being really good (if I say so myself!) at hair colouring and just being a good friend too. Mine doesn't have those little holes - just one in the back. I can't wait to place it on the mantle with all my glassware and birds. I think this constitutes a 'bird' collection. Thank you, Heidi!



~RaenWa~ said...

Wow I hope the flooding begins to recedee soon that is riduculous your daughter is so cute I would love to learn to meditate but I end up falling asleep I the hat looks great on her

Katherine said...

Good lord, there's a playground in there? Is that the river down by the park....um, where there is a fantasy castle pay-to-get-in fun park place? (Clearly I know my way around London, huh?)

Love the hat and the sweet little one meditating in it.

OzB said...

Love the pics N and love B's hat! That is a sweet little hat...



knitty_kat said...

It's Greenway park . . very close to Springbank.

BTW chick, it's highly advised that you DON'T tell people yer collecting anything . . bawa ha ha!!

Thanks again for the walk & knit!