Let's Go For A Walk

I'm a horrible mum. I 'make' the girls go for walks when it's absolutely gorgeous outside. The very idea of leaving the house evokes horrible groaning and moaning. This only makes me more persistent. I suggested we take pictures of fall, and I promised fun. They each promised me that they would NOT have fun, and should fun not be had, I would have to eat a dead rat. Sometimes it's not best to argue with these two. I got this sad puppy look demanding to be taken back home. I resisted knowing I had a surprise up my sleeve that would turn that frown upside down.
We took pictures of pretty red leaves.And we met a very fast caterpillar that we nicknamed Sparky.
And about half an hour later, we arrived at the surprise destination, and it was proclaimed that I was indeed the bestest mum (by the littlest), and there were 'beaucoup de' cheers and skipping.
The travelling exhibit was a big, loud music room with guitars and drums and shakers and pianos and kazoos and all the dress-up stuff so you look cool making music too.
After B was done being a rock star, she went on to become a letter carrier for Canada Post until she got distracted doing a Grimace puzzle (Little known fact - this is my favourite part of going to the Children's Museum. I sit beside it, in that chair, and wait for little kids to mess it up, and when they leave I show off my puzzle skills by putting it back correctly. El thinks I should be embarassed because some strange little kid showed me how a few years back, and now I act like some genius anytime I am around it. So flippin' what?). Then the kid flipped burgs and upselled nuggets at the little McD's. This kid has customer service skills up the wazoo. She even showed El to her table. It was a proud moment.
It was time then to go back in time where she served us tea and made a big pot of tomato soup on the little stove in the corner. When she couldn't find a cow to milk, she milked a big wall mural of horses.
Just before we left, the girls posed as astronauts with B on her tippy-toes and El on her knees. The three of us were a fit of giggles by that point.

We nibbled on some wine gums and threw back a few bottles of water, and we headed home again. I guess it wasn't such a bad idea to get out of the house after all. Silly monkeys.



Anonymous said...

OMG! I LOVE your blog! You have such a great writing style! and lots of great pics!!(what's your camera??)...my hubby and i were both remarking on the pic of your daughter looking down at the electric guitar she was playing...she looked SO much like our oldest! down to the vintage t and the funky jeans and slightly sullen look! WOW!

LM's scrappymom

OzB said...

Awww, N you really are THE BEST Mum. I wish you were my Mum [laughing] - as impossible as it is [hahahah].

What a lovely afternoon you guys shared.

Katherine said...

I love that museum! I can't believe you can walk there from your house. That old schoolhouse section is my favorite.

You are a fabulous mom to those beautiful girls (looove the first picture especially). What fun you guys have together!

Unknown said...

We used to go all the time, I miss it, can't do the puzzle, the boys are too big now, sigh.

knitty_kat said...

one of these days I'll have to go there. Especially when the snake lady is there.

I was thinking I would see a pic of me when I clicked on the wine gum link . . .LOL but I wasn't there. Must be a dry spell

Shalet said...

That looks like a great outing!

Montreal Mama said...

Sitting down & catching up.

What a fun day! I've never heard of this traveling exhibit?