Instant Gratification Shawl

Seven days of knitting, and I was wearing the shawl to work. It's very toasty, and although not everyone would agree that it is super soft, I think it's just cozy enough. I used up four balls of Plymouth Boku and a 6mm circular needle. This was easy to travel with to ballet classes and hair cuts. I even smuggled it into a Legal Aspects of Nonprofits workshop. I guess I best be getting back to the Woodland Shawl -surprisingly it isn't showing signs of neglect as I am on the third and last skein of Loeut Gems fingering-weight superwash wool. It's all good.

I must get packing. I am going on a big trip. Big for me, anyway. It's T's wedding in less than two weeks, and I know that both of us are anxious in our own ways. I've never been away from my little family for nearly a week, let alone a 20-hour drive between us. But the excitement in seeing T and sharing this special time with her will be well worth the temporary separation. My parents will be helping J with the girls, so I know they are in good hands. :) Get ready for the Balkan Style reunion! I'm fervently working on a music request list for the reception. Something along the lines of some JT and Fergie and sprinkled with a little Hawksley. Or what if we all sing drunkedly to this? Oh, it's gonna be sweet!



knitty_kat said...

BTW, this thing looks freakin' awesome on you!

Katherine said...

I love the shawl and it looks fantastic on you!

Ooooo, a wedding...a reunion...drunken singing... Post lots of pictures, 'kay? The girls will be just fine and you will have a blast. And then it will be soooo wonderful when you get to sniff their heads again. : )

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! That is awesome!!!I love the colouring!! And i love how you just drape it over yourself!!!

kataish said...

Ohhhh thats the shawl that Will is making for his Mum and started last night. I didn't know you'd made one, its gorgeous!

Montreal Mama said...

It's beautiful! What a great project!