The Finest of the Flavours

So my pound of organic Tahitian vanilla beans arrived by mail last week. Mr. T just rolls his eyes whenever another package arrives for me (but secretly he is happy because he benefits from the goodies that get made by said packages). As someone who bakes a lot I go through a lot of vanilla extract and it gets expensive. I came up with the idea of making my own from the Instructables site and really, isn't homemade always better?

Hmmm, what to do with the rest of that vodka?

Eight weeks and I'll have vanilla that lasts indefinitely (you keep topping off the jars with vodka as you use it).

Ok, so vanilla not your thing? How about winning something totally cute and handmade from our very own N of London, not England? Don't forget to check out this post and leave us your ideas for inexpensive and quick to make holiday gifts and you'll automatically be entered to win a gratitude wrap. The winner will be announced this Friday! Bonne chance mes amis!


Katherine said...

London not England! : ) I say that every time.

The vanilla sounds fantastic - I had no idea that vodka was involved.

Lindsey said...

Where did you order your vanilla beans from? I have lots of recipes using "real" vanilla, but I can't bring myself to spring for the little tiny tube at the grocery store that costs a fortune.

I figured there had to be a better deal out there, but I hadn't gotten around to finding it...