Junior Photographer

A couple of weeks ago while on a secret mission, I relinquished the prized camera to the littlest in the hopes that she could keep herself amused, so that I could semi-accomplish a project under the radar. I kept a close eye on her from inside the house, and she appeared to be shooting upwards and downwards in a rapid zig-zaggy fashion. I could only hope that we would have some memorable random pictures of clouds and dirt. I got that and more.

:: Clouds and faint telephone lines
:: Bricks

:: A sister who thought she was well-hidden from the junior photographer . . . and my two favourite shots . . .

:: Bird feeders

I'm adding these to my 'bird' collection!

And in other news, the eyebrows have been waxed and tweaked. An outift befitting of a wedding has been found. Family health cards and library cards (both equal in importance) have been separated and stored safely for our brief time apart. The wedding gift is in progress, and I am thrilled with how it's all coming together! Next step: Plan travel knitting - will need patterns, needles and yarn. I have lots of each. I just need to organize it, so that it is light-weight, compact and efficient - not to mention reasonable. I am thinking socks and mittens.



Anonymous said...

LOL! I LOVE when the kids get ahold of the camera! You never know WHAT to expect!!
I really like the bird feeder(baggie thingie)..do they work well? Where'd ya get it?


Balkan Style Bloggers said...

I'm not sure about the bird feeder - it's my mum's. There's a bird store on Springback Road, just east of Wonderland Road. I am assuming, my parents picked it up there. :)

Katherine said...

I love that idea! Liam has taken lots of pictures, but it's been a long time since he's had the camera outdoors. She took some great pictures, but I love the first bird feeder one best - what the birds see as they zoom in for a snack. : )

You know it's a serious trip when the eyebrows get waxed. ; ) I can't wait to see the gift, actually. When do you leave?

Montreal Mama said...

Love her pictures!

Can't wait to read about the wedding! Speaking of eyebrows waxed... I need to go call and make an appointment!