Random Facts Meme

I’ve been tagged by Robyn for a Random Facts Meme. Holy moley, I could have gone crazy with totally random facts about myself. If there’s anything I am, it is random.

Here are the rules: Link to the person who tagged you. Post the rules on your blog. Write six random things about yourself. Tag six people at the end of your post. Let each person know he or she has been tagged. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

Random Facts About Me

:: I only run for the bus, and even then, I leave really flippin’ early so that running is prevented. This goes with my golden rule to never, not ever pet a porcupine.

:: I have spelling and grammar skills up the wazoo. In Grade 5, I came in second in my county spelling bee only because I spelled Celsius with a little c. I was rewarded with Chinese food, but I have NEVER made that mistake again. I also feel huge pangs of guilt when I end sentences with prepositions, and I don’t use commas unless I can connect it to a rule in my Gregg Reference Manual. I have fought grammar wars with this office ‘bible’. My edition is riddled with highlighter and there are a gazillion self-inflicted coloured tabs to mark the really important stuff. My co-workers don’t get it.

:: I love to eat as if I am a vegetarian, but I am not a vegetarian and can’t fathom giving up meat. When eating out, I order strictly vegetarian meals. I also LOVE bran muffins, and can eat up to ten a day if I had the resources. No, I do not have issues with my bowels.

:: I dance wildly around my house with the music blaring when no one is home. I think I inherited this from my father. Once, in high school, I popped home for some toilet paper for a bush party (y’all brought your own TP, right?), and it was a Saturday afternoon, and my dad was home all by himself, and the music was really loud, and I caught him dancing in the basement. We never spoke of it again.

:: I am too lazy to bring all my clothes up to my bedroom from the laundry room. J installed rods and some shelving in the laundry room, and my clothes all stay in the basement hung up or in piles. In my defence, I shower in the basement, and my bedroom has a giant picture window facing all the houses in the neighbourhood, so it makes sense for me to dress in the basement, fresh from the shower and where all the clothes are located. Silliness aside, I do bring up all the girls’ clothes, and they are placed neatly in their drawers for the most part. Some frequent spillage does occur.

:: I am not married. J and I have been living common-law for almost 14 years. I have a million and one reasons to not get married, and maybe three reasons to seal the deal in front of our family and friends. This has never bothered either of us as neither of us want to dance in front of anyone. Secretly, I am a little thrilled that this shocks people. I think that people sometimes assume my children have different fathers because of the nearly seven years between them and the fact that I am not married, but J and I never wanted people to say that we married just because we had kids. We’re rebels. Maybe one day when everyone least expects it, we’ll pop into City Hall and make it official and shock their pants off. This does not mean, in any way, that I don’t love me a good ol’ wedding invitation. Other people’s weddings are fun because I don’t have to plan it or pay for it – and the food!! Mmmm . . . the food.

That was fun!


OzB said...

Wow N! Now I know lots more about you, and that's nice. I think you gave us umpty more than six things! And it's all good!

I see you've tagged me. So I better git to it and ramble about me LOL.

~RaenWa~ said...

I agree with you on the marriage thing me & MK have been daiting for 5 yrs & people always ask us why we aren't married or when we ae getting married I myself don't see a need to rush.

Katherine said...

Ha! About being shocked, I mean. I love this list - very interesting. And, for the record, I also dance wildly about the house when no one is home. (Don't tell anyone, but sometimes it's to ABBA.)

Anonymous said...

Oopsie! I just read this entry now! (it's november!!!)
Mine is done and up now! :D

knitty_kat said...

wow - I can't compete with this doodle! But I suppose I can try!

Montreal Mama said...

Thanks for playing my meme. Sorry it took this long for me to catch up on your blog.

Nothing wrong with common law! As long as 2 people are committed to each other.... there's nothing wrong with not tying the knot. (Though, I dreamed of my white wedding since I was like 6..!)

That's interesting about the shelves in the laundry room. Hmm, more room in my bedroom dresser for yarn then?!