One Click Shopping

Can you believe that I have extra time on my hands? So much time in fact, that while Mr. T was out last night at class, I bought a pound of organic Tahitian vanilla beans on eBay and paid for my other recently acquired auction item, 2.5mm Addi Turbos for $2.99. What a deal! And having a PayPal account sure makes buying things easier. Too easy.

What does one do with a pound of organic Tahitian vanilla beans you may ask. Well, anything and everything. Stay tuned.

My mom brought these very cool vintage knitting pattern booklets with her when she came for the wedding.I especially like the "Beehive Style Sets for Men". Now if only I could get Mr.T to wear something other than grey sport socks.


Katherine said...

Whoa: 23 steps to vanilla?

Love the patterns (the mens' one is my favorite too). Gotta love the beehive on the other beehive book. ; )