Home Sweet Home

I'm back in London-not-England, and it feels good to be home. I scooped up B in my arms as soon as she got home from school, and that kid talked for four hours straight. Apparently I missed some good times at 'Gramma and Grampa's'. I just sat there and soaked it all in. I had the most fun in Minneapolis with T and all her family and friends, but I am a mum, and without the girls to drag around behind me everywhere, I feel a bit amiss. T pulled me aside at the wedding reception and told me she felt very honoured that I would make my way halfway across the country to be with her on her special day, and that was when it was made apparent that I don't leave my house very easily. I guess it's true. I like my comfy white sofa and my yellow curry door and my chocolate brown bedroom. The girls are the same. We're homebodies. We would really appreciate if the world would just come to us. All the same, T rewarded me for this long journey with the perfect necklace. I haven't taken it off since I returned - except for bed.

Shockingly, the crafting began shortly after my first dinner home - invitation cards for our second annual Halloween party. We are hooked on Ed Emberley drawing books, and currently we have nearly every single one out on loan from the library - that's a lot of drawing books! We used The Big Orange Drawing Book for the spider.

Thanks to T's hawk eyes, I grabbed up some of these zit-licious Zit Poppers at Target for the party. The girls were equally thrilled and grossed out. I am now the coolest mum ever!

I've got some planning to do! And decorating! Sweet.



knitty_kat said...

Howdy and Welcome back

Anonymous said...

Love the tree necklace!
Love the Ed Emberley invites!
and am disgusted by the candy!! lol.

Katherine said...

Love love love the necklace! And I adore the spiders - I want to come to the party!

kataish said...

ooooh, that necklace is purdy!

Montreal Mama said...

What a fabu necklace! Love it! (I'd love it even more in silver tho!)

Love the London-not-England clarification. Wish I could trave to London-England tho. I love all things Brit!