Simple Gifts

I enlisted some of my talented co-workers who also have had the pleasure of working with T to help me with her wedding gift. The gift had to be handmade - that was a given. Surprisingly, there was no knitting! Four lattes, eight cats, a glass of wine, five phone calls, two slices of buttered cheesy toast, and three hours later, Jane and I had sewed up four gratitude wraps 'sans' binding. We made four wraps so we would have room for three errors. To be honest, Jane did all the sewing, and I cut, ironed, and pinned. I am a Grade A assistant - just ask Jane.

I then drove across the city to chill with Heidi and baby Andile where we stamped a gazillion note cards. Good times. Heidi was a pro stamping cards with one hand and holding onto Andile with the other. That's no easy feat as he is one chubby bubby!

How 'bout a toast to good friends?



knitty_kat said...

These turned out so nicely! I'm glad you shared. (and the cards are awesome)

Katherine said...


It's beautiful; such a lovely gift. I'm about to kick off some sewing and I think it will go about the same way (only with my friend Allison). I must give one of these a try.

Montreal Mama said...

What a neat wrap! I now want to learn how to use my sewing machine properly!