Vietnamese Tea Ceremony

"Ugly Vietnamese Shoes" as declared by T. I couldn't disagree so I remained somewhat silent. I probably made it worse by trying to get a good picture of them. Unfortunately they were hidden beneath her beautifully intricrate Vietnamese dress. T absolutely sparkled.
Her sister styled her hair in what could be appropriately described as Vietnamese too. I was blown away by this family's skills. Don't get me started on the FOOD!!
While T was upstairs deep-frying the last of the spring rolls, the groom's family handed over gifts for the bride's family (I got to be one of them!!). I was bursting from pride and a little anxiety over getting it just right, but I didn't have to worry - her sisters had me covered.
T's dad gave us the history of the tea ceremony, and T was presented to the groom's family, and everyone got a tad teary. She looked amazing as always. Gifts were opened and introductions were made. And the parents clinked their tea cups, and it was official. Everyone was one family! It was BRILLIANT!

T's little niece kept exclaiming "Wedding!". Right on. Today is the big ceremony at the Basilica. I should really get ready. I have just three hours to dress and get all ready. Are you ready for more pictures?? I almost don't miss the girls. I am subsiding on cheeky emails from E. That girl is hilarious and smart as a whip. How did that happen?




Katherine said...

Hmmm...perhaps she takes after her mother? ; )

Ready for more pictures! It sounds like so much fun and that hair just blows me away. Did you give your gift yet?

Congratulations T!!

OzB said...

Oh Nadine, how exciting! I can't wait to see more pics! And thank God she's wearing those damn shoes!

Congrats T! Wishing you the best of everything always!

Unknown said...

Wow, what a cool thing to be involved in, so nice to learn from other cultures.

Montreal Mama said...

What a beautiful wedding! Thanks for sharing the pics! Love T's hair! Congrats to T!