Wedding Bells

I may have slummed it down to Minneapolis on the Greyhound, but I went all out on my accomodations! I just had to take a picture of the room - I have actually been caught referring to it as 'home'. :)
This one is for all the non-believers that I truly wore my hair down at T's request, and get this! I blew dry it all by myself. That's right. Truth is, I was too afraid to go down to the salon. Apparently when push comes to shove, I can churn out a fairly good 'do. I can NOT take a good picture of myself however. The bride and groom looked spectacular, and everyone was crying all over again.
It was the perfect day for a wedding. The sun was out, and it was very warm. Absolutely everything was perfect. Congratulations, boy-T and girl-T!

Next up: Me wandering around the City in which I discover that people pee on trees everywhere in the world.



Katherine said...

Beautiful!! You, T, the place where they got married, and the hotel room. That's funny; I always call hotel rooms home after about 24 hours.

knitty_kat said...

holly crap - you have hair? LOL. Looky good. The bride - wow!

It's looks like it was fabulous.

Congrats T!!

kataish said...

Ohhhh agreed, everything is beautiful. And what a gorgeous bride! Look at that smile.

You *should* wear your hair down more. It looks great!

Montreal Mama said...

I've never seen anyone pee on a tree in Montreal - though I'm sure people do it.

T's beautiful! Congrats to her on her wedding (a little late, I know..!)