The Big Give

I mentioned before that my friend Jane and I made FOUR gratitude wraps, and well, I can crank note cards out my butt, so T and I thought one filled up gratitude wrap would be an appropriate gift to say thanks for popping into our little old blog and being so nice. The wrap is exactly the same as T's, but I might switch up the note cards a bit. We'll throw in some pens - maybe Kata can help us pick a couple - and some stamps because you gots to have stamps to mail your thank-you and thinking-of-you cards. You just do.

T and I haven't begun our Christmas crafting, and we're getting anxious, and you's all have lots of good ideas. So leave a comment with your quick and cheap Christmas crafty gift ideas between now and Thursday at midnight my time (What is my time? Anyone know what London, Ontario time is called?) to be entered into the draw. We'll google up one of those random number generators and reveal the winner's name on Friday.




LaurieM said...

Well, knitting isn't a quick crafty item, though I did crank out a Cable and Bobble headband in just a few hours this weekend. It only used one skien too, so I'd highly recommend that pattern.

Otherwise, I think homemade gingerbread kids that can be hung from the tree make a nice gift because they fill the house with a lovely scent and they can be eaten too!

Montreal Mama said...

For my knitting friends, a quick & inexpensive gift are stitch markers. I'll be making a ton of personalized ones for knitting friends & family this year. Last year I made a chunky scarf on fat needles for a relative (ok, my MIL! LOL)

Those gratitude wraps are gorgeous! Enter me please!

Katherine said...

Oooo! What a wonderful idea! Here's some things I've done or would like to:

Drop into a beading store and make up a few pairs of earrings or a bracelet. The store near here will do all the tricky wire bending and twisting if they aren't too busy, since I'm not very good at it yet (so ask if they'll help). I made a bunch of pairs of earrings two years ago for about five dollars a pair. For inspiration, I looked at the jewelry at - looove that stuff.

For knitting: cowls!! There are so many cute free patterns out there and they are so warm. One skein of Malabrigo Chunky (so soft) runs about $9 here and they can be knitted in one afternoon.

A pack of sewn coasters would be nice. There's a tutorial at for Party Coasters. But, while you're there, check out Molly's Little Purses: perfect for a little girl. Also, the book Bend-the-Rules Sewing has cute little zippered bags that could be for anything from make-up to pencils.

Okay, that's a few, huh? Clearly I have a long to-do list. ; )

(fingers crossed that I win!)

Anonymous said...

I think the blog at sewmamasew is doing their month of gift thing again this year. There were so many great ideas last year.

knitty_kat said...

Like you need help with ideas doodle, you rock the craft world!

It's Eastern Standard Time btw.

Whatever happened to making project bags? I still think that would be a great knitter gift.

Oooh! If you have old mad-gazeens that you don't want, cut the patterns (knitting of course) and put them IN the project bags!

BTW, did you see the mini sweaters & hats to knit on Berroco?

Sam said...

The gratitude wrp is a great idea.

As for quick and easy Christmas gifts, I find handmade jewelry tends to bring a smile. Earrings especially are super fast to create. And to add the finishing touch I like to wrap in a cute little jewelry holder/travel pouch.

That and hand baked goodies... even something simple like spiced pecans. Yum!