Go Play Away From Me

She found a pair of my old glasses a few days ago, and when we least expect it, we will turn to look at her, and she is wearing them and going about her business as if everything is as it should be. When we see this, we start to giggle, and then we want to squeeze her little cheeks and gobble her up. She's too cute. So when she starts encroaching on my knitting territory (a big comfy white couch with lots of warm throws and my cup of tea to my immediate right), I can't help but stop what I am doing and whip out the camera. She's always game for pictures.
I love how J just makes his way into the shot. Honestly, the guy has two legs - he's just sitting on one. I keep waiting for him to cut off the circulation in one leg and try to stand up only to realize that he is laying on the floor like a puddle of jello, but I guess that only happens to me.
In knitting news, I have mastered the magic loop method on another pair of mittens. Wow, is it ever faster than wrestling with 5 dpns. Just saying . . . sometimes it takes me a little longer to hop on the wagon. Or like Fat Bob says you're "jumping someone else's train". It kind of fits here, but doesn't. It's a free train, right? I'm just not the first one on it. In fact, I'm kind of late. It's embarassing really.
Time for bed. Big day tomorrow involving lots of crockpots and surely a large number of power bars. Until then, cheers.


OzB said...

Oh your little B is the cutest of the munchkins from munchkin land! I'd love to reach through the puter and squeeze her little cheeks!

~RaenWa~ said...

Your daughter is so cute. I have only done magic loop once but I want to try it again I enjoyed it more then having to use dpns.

Katherine said...

Beautiful girl! Are those dimples?

I'm not on the train either - just haven't tried it yet. Hmmmmm.... But thanks for the Cure break!

knitty_kat said...

I started laughing even before I read this. She vaguely reminds me of my sister at this age.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! She is absolutely ADORABLE!!!! I think it's sooo funny how kids are soooo eager to play with glasses!!! What is it about them?! lol.

Montreal Mama said...

Love the photos! She's too adorable.

Yey for magic loop!