A Sunday Song of Sweets

Mmm. Molasses Crinkles - B's favourites. I'm surprised I still have 8 left. I keep counting them.
Here's that slipper I knit up yesterday, and my Hedgerow sock to show the size of the slipper before felting. That's BIG. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Michaels still has Patons Classic Merino Wool in Petal Pink, because I am definitely not going to have enough for slipper #2.

Kata's Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe is a definite favourite around here with everyone except little B who doesn't like chocolate sprinkled through her cookies, but she still sampled a bite. That's okay, I know three people in the immediate vicinity who will finish that half-eaten cookie regardless. It's all good. Kata, if you're reading this, you need to post that recipe pronto for the rest of the blogging world - they are missing out big time.

Are you like me and can't throw out a magazine to save your life? Well I found just the thing for you! B and I whipped up this uber-cool Christmas tree after our early morning cereal ritual. Fun times, I promise. I'll probably make a hundred of these. Just saying.
I'm showered, dressed, and fed, so I am off to visit a friend and finish off those groceries. It will be good for me to step away from the couch for a few hours. I will miss you, dear couch, but I won't be gone long.
Ooh, and T, I dare you to look at this and keep waiting for the right time. Seriously. I think I feel my heart swooning and my knees buckling. Totally makes me consider having a third.


Katherine said...

My heart is a-swooning too. (We're done, we're done, we're done). Those cookies are giving me cravings! But we've been busy all day and right now I'm sticking to the sofa. ; )

~RaenWa~ said...

Oh he is just adorable. Those cookies looks delicious I have never had Molasses Crinkles but they look good as do the Chocolate Chips. I want to make myself a pair of felted slippers someday lol. The tree is a great idea I may have to look that up & try it.

kataish said...

Ooo I should post the recipe. I'm glad you like them and they LOOK fabulous.

I think maybe a trip to Bulk Barn to get chocolate chips is in order. I want me some cookies PRONTO. The Molasses Crinkles look pretty good too. B is CRAZY for not liking chocolate in her cookies!

The Christmas tree is adorable and the that sock is insanely huge. I bet it'll look fabulous felted though. Good luck finding a second skein!

Anonymous said...

Hi N,
Maybe you could post the cookie recipe! If I make them I will start blogging again! School is almost done! Yah! So I will have some time again.

knitty_kat said...

with that tree . . you should go and enter this

(you'll have to cut & paste that, I don't know how to link it)

cuz ya know, a $40 gift cert from Spunky would be awesome!

Montreal Mama said...

Contemplating a third, eh?? I'd love to have a third, my hubby doesn't...!

Those cookies look delish. Damn diet.