Family Fun Festival

I think the little family had fun last weekend at our annual fundraiser for work. There were clowns, cupcakes, an ice cream bar, magicians, the Tomato Soup Band (one of those oompah bands that play in your head), balloon animals, pancakes & bacon buffet, Starbucks hot chocolate, and a little folks auction table. I didn't really see the three of them much. Most of the time, they're in cahoots. It's how they roll. I prefer to watch the shenanigans from the sidelines.

It's super fugly dad-man. I particularly admire the collaborative effort on his wardrobe.
These three jokers are tight, and if I didn't know better, I would say they were laughing at me 24-7. I almost sat down with them during the brunch portion, but they pointed at the sign on the table that noted it was reserved for Smurfs and Darth Vader. Seriously?
Here's to another 'hilarious' weekend.

No Socks Today

In these tough economic times, you have find ways to cut back. I can’t say that we’ve had to cut back on too much, considering we’ve been lucky and both still have our jobs (knock on wood). We’re fairly frugal people (read “cheap”) and tend to not make very many impulse purchases. I spent two weeks debating whether I should get that iPod Touch or not. The jury is in, by the way, and I got it and really love it. It’s super fun and not to mention useful with applications to download like iKnit Needle Sizer and KnitGauge and it allows me to keep up with all of your wonderful blogs.
Anyway, I do have a point, which is my decision to teach myself to knit a sock (for the 200th time) and save money by not taking a class, which would put me back $60. I’m thinking that although I’ve met sock knitting with only failure, I have the determination to give it another go, after all, I did teach myself to knit using only internet resources. Over the weekend I found a sock pattern on Ravelry and started it using the Magic Loop method and my hot off of eBay Addi’s. It was going fine until the heel turn, no surprise there, but I figured it out and continued despite a few minor mistakes, which I chose to just ignore. To make a long story short, many little mistakes add up to too many little mistakes to ignore and off to frog land went the sock. So now I’m back to square one but I did learn a lot from my mistakes, and like my very wise friend, N, tells me, you just have to get past that first sock and everything will be fine. I will heed your advice and cast on for yet another attempt once I’ve watched a few more YouTube videos on turning a heel, and as soon as I find that $60. I think my sanity is worth at least that much!

Music to Soothe the Soul

Today I am coasting on Advil, but I might be able to skip the ibuprofen if only I could sit and listen to my nephew strum his guitar while I knit and sip tea. Unfortunately he lives an hour away. The guy's still learning, but he takes it seriously (as you can see by his serious guitar face). When he was just a little guy, he loved to take front stage at every family function and sing songs aplenty. I love that he has the confidence to do that still. Maybe we just make an excellent audience. T got me thinking today about all the little tots in our lives and what they'll be up to years from now. I think I'm destined to be the aunt of a famous muscian. I promise to keep doing what I do best - chilling in the front row with my knitting and a cup of tea, of course.

Aunt N

An Unconventional Life

Let's catch up, shall we? I signed up the littlest for the ATC Kids Swap, and she's having a good time with it. This swap was SO my speed. The kid draws all the time and on everything. I even let her use my good pencil crayons. This thrilled her beyond words.
And let's just say I saw some of my own yellow this week. This here's my pile of thrifted sheets and fabric ready for sewing projects. I'm going to sew something. Honest. I just need to give myself a good kick in the butt downstairs. I keep blaming my hesitation on the lack of light and tablespace. B just reminded me we have pie. Must stop everything and eat.

It's family movie night again, and we have coconut cream pie, pringles, ginger ale, and tea. My tummy just did a little flip flop there. First I will grab my 'movie knitting'. This here's my second cowl as such. I forgot to blog and 'ravelry' this little project the first time. It was given away as a last-minute Christmas present. It's just a ball of Lion Brand Quick and Jiffy chunky wool and a pair of 9mm straights - cast on 25 stitches and garter the heck out of it. Then seam it up off centre, and voila!

If my photos look clearer today, it's 'cause J is making me use his re-chargeable batteries, and they last all of about five minutes, and recharging is taking hours!! As luck would have it, I remembered that I brought home the new work camera for the annual fundraising event tomorrow, and I am in charge of picture-taking. So I practised taking pictures like any excellent employee. I think I am getting the hang of it. :)

Happy weekend, friends!


The Revival of the Newfie Mitten

I spontaneously bought a skein of wild green hand-dyed dk weight superwash wool from Kata last Friday night, and I spent all day Saturday cruising Ravelry for a mitten pattern that would showcase it best. Just as fatigue was settling in and I was about to give up my search, it dawned on me that I had the perfect pattern at my fingertips – the flippin’ Newfie Mittens!!! Instead of using two colours, I would just use the wild green. El loves the mittens and has claimed them most willingly. That was the quickest and funnest knit ever! Just sayin’.

Oh, and as for that wool, there's no more of that wild green, but you can see Kata's other equally fabulous hand-dyed skeins in her etsy shop!

Forever 24

Look what showed up on my birthday!
Does this look familiar, N? I had to laugh at the how mangled the packaging looked after the items were inspected, taped back up into the envelope, and then the big, green sticker slapped on. But what's important was what was inside--lovely angora silk yarn, handmade greeting cards, and a divine shawl that will surely keep me toasty when the temperature plunges back down to seasonal. Thank you, N! You sure know how to make a knitter feel special on her birthday. And yes, I do remember that cake I made for you. Was that your 30th? Speaking of cakes, I got this one yesterday from my brilliant husband.I'm not a big celebrator of birthdays, never was, however this one was really great and everyone made me feel so special and so loved with their well wishes, thoughtful cards, and gifts. I didn't even feel one ounce of regret leaving my 20's behind because I am lucky to have such wonderful family and friends. Much love to everyone.

And to top off an already fabulous birthday/Valentines Day long weekend, I am heading to the Mall of America tomorrow to attend the Craft Council of America's Knit Out & Crochet event. I attended it a couple of years ago and came home with loads of free stuff from vendors like Lion Brand, Bernat and Clover. I'm psyched! If you're in the Minnesota area, the event runs this weekend and is worth checking out for all the free stuff.

Happy Birthday Dear

I wanted so badly to up my efforts from last year’s birthday post. Especially since it’s the big 3-0! In my mind, you will forever be 26. That’s so young! I do hope you get your gift soon. However, I remember now that the Purolator lady on the phone specifically said to mark my package a ‘gift’, and in order to hasten the whole exchange with the Purolator pick-up guy who kept tapping his foot and huffing and puffing, I totally forgot. Maybe it’s stuck at the border? I have no idea how come you don’t have it yet. I think you’ll like it. ‘It’ being your gift. I hope it makes up for no fancy post. There is no doubt in my mind that Mr. T will make your day very special, so I feel I can safely slack off.

Remember this cake you made for me? Do you think this was my cake for turning 30? Maybe it was 31. It was SO long ago! I was just glad it wasn't the kitty litter cake. I found the poop scooper in my linen closet a couple weeks ago. It made me giggle.

I miss you, my friend. Cheers!



We got ourselves declared 'Kreativ' Bloggers! Colour us flattered! Thanks, Isa!

1. The winner must copy this Award to their own blog.
2. Link to the blog from whence you received the Award.
3. Nominate a minimum of 7 other bloggers.
4. Link to the nominated on your blog.
5. Leave comment about the award on the nominated blogs.
All I can think of is all that linking that must be linked, and all those comments that must be commented. How 'bout if you see your blog listed below, feel free to do 1 through 5 if you wish. I've got cookies burning in the oven and bedtime routines to enforce. Side note: I am so lazy that rather than putting on my coat and walking the two blocks to the store to buy cookies, I baked them. You've probably cocked your head to one side and scrunched up your face like something's stinky. I'm saying I don't have the energy to leave the house once I am home from work, so I would bake for hours if it meant that I didn't have to go out. It doesn't make sense to me either.
In the time I typed up all that nonsense, I could have left seven comments. Okay let's do this. T - if you agree with these choices, simply respond with a 'ditto'. You can get the next award honours 'cause it's inevitable that we'll get another. We're THAT good.
In no particular order, I bless these blogs with an esteemed 'Kreativ' Blogger Award:
  • Katherine of Fuzzy Love - she's our craft sister, another transplanted Canadian, and the sweetest person ever. She's super smart too. One day we're going to have a bird collection contest. As soon as we get some free time! And honestly, if we were to put this list in order, she would be tops regardless.

  • Danny Seo of Daily Danny - this kid kicks it. Most of his ideas are simple and low-cost and green of course. I call him 'the kid'. He became famous as a teenager when he advocated green living, and he has written great green design books. I borrow them from the library all the time. The kid isn't making a dime off of me, but I think he would be satisfied that borrowing is a greener option. You should make him part of your regular reading because he posts every day with beautiful pictures, great design tips, green product reviews, and lots of contests. I mention the contests because your chances are good that you might win because he doesn't have a ton of readers. Just saying.

  • Rachel of Cultivating Rachel - she's been missing for a while, but she's back! And that just makes us happy!

  • Jennfier of Write Start - I've just got hooked onto her blog, and so far it's been about little kids writing, but it's certainly creative, and I love the images. It's timely for me with the littlest learning how to read, and the oldest is a writing machine.

  • Ellen of elanknits - She's the wondermum that I wish I was, and she knits the coolest skullies! This lady is a local legend. Go to any crafty festival or show or what have you, and everyone knows her, and it's very likely that she has some items on display. She's a legend at my workplace - they made an award because of her exemplary volunteer work. Her attendance at knitting gatherings around town is spotty 'cause she's so flippin' involved in her boys' lives, yet she still practically gets a standing ovation when she makes her entrance. I always feel like shouting Bravo!

  • Erin of Bluebirdbaby - I just love looking at her photos. She can make anything look absolutely beautiful, so I go there for a dose of pretty.
Good God. That's seven for you. That was certainly a feat. Looks good on all of you. I'm whipped. Must go hide the burnt chocolate chip cookies or else I won't have any left for the lunchboxes tomorrow.
As you were,
PS. Blogger, you suck at spacing. Why must my post look all wonky?

Hurt Feelings

It's been seven days, and I am still singing this song. Is it the same with all rappers in Newfoundland?


PS New episode on HBO tonight!!

Sunny Side of My Basement

My craft shizzle finally has a home! It needs more light and more table space, but this is a huge start. I keep going down to the basement to make sure it's still there. Yep. All's good. The pictures are kind of craptastic, but I'm still working on lights, and in all honesty, I was supposed to be cooking dinner for 15 people and not taking pictures of the basement. It wasn't all picture-taking however 'cause I whipped up that fancy blue floral curtain right there yonder to cover up the water meter or what have you. I couldn't have all that ugly in my special pretty place!
I'm not sure how the computer made it to my work table, but something tells me that I shouldn't argue. A girl's got to look for inspiration, patterns, and tutorials somewhere.

That there is maybe one fifth of our books - all read and enjoyed. Ironically we haven't bought any books for four years since we moved into this house, AND we filtered the collection before so that there would be less to move. We are book junkies. Every few years I can read and enjoy the same books because my mind retains very little, and the little that I do retain enhances each re-reading. I've read The Handmaid's Tale four times, and each time it gets better and I understand a little more its pure genius. Having too many books is a good problem to have.

Oh dear, I need to get back to staring at my craft space. It's calling me. "M-a-k-e something!!"



Never show weakness

Over the weekend we attended a department party for a faculty member who was moving on (to another university). Being the cake decorator that I am, a cake in the form of a suitcase was offered for the festivities.Although the suitcase was a simple rectangular shape, nothing was working out for me. The fondant was dry and very stiff and by the time I had it coloured and rolled out it was already cracking. It took me about three tries to cover that darn cake and as I held back frustrated tears (but not the four letter words) I was determined to not let the cake win. Don't let the cake see you cry, my husband tells me. And cry I didn't. I completed it and off we went to the party where I was happy with how the cake turned out but also happy to see that knife plunging into it. Sweet revenge.

Signature Look

What I've learned this weekend:
:: It's all about perspective.
:: It's a good thing that no one can hear the yelling in my head.
:: Waking up early is gold. Yoga at 10:30 a.m. is impossible.
:: I am more decisive and focussed than I used to be.
:: This 'craft' can be done on many levels.
:: This song is the shizzle.