The Bunny Who Found Easter

For the kids - a 'danilla' bunny cake. They naturally fought over the butt.
For the adults - my own concoction of coffee-drenched ladyfingers and real whipping cream and cocoa. I'll be making this again tout de suite. However it may not be the best dessert for travelling as J accused me of caring more about the life of the whipped cream more than the lives of my children. It's safe to say that I drove a little faster than necessary to ensure that this baby didn't wilt. I'm also not ashamed to admit that no sooner had I turned into my parents' driveway, I left the kids and J to unpack the car, ran into the house, and before saying 'hello', panted instructions to refrigerate my pan without haste. So what?

Once my dessert was safely chilled once again, we all went for a hike in the conservation area, but not before my nephews played out a little gargoyle drama. Note to parents: Don't be surprised if the next Condo Excecutive Committee adds this 'situation' to the agenda for discussion.

On the way back home, B made it to the top of the hill first and did her signature pose. Those hills are great for working up an appetite 'cause later she ate three plates of turkey. This girl LOVES her turkey.
After dinner, we played the requisite Sequence, and when the boys got tired of winning, we switched it up to Wizard. I've never played before, but I managed to come in second last place. Not bad at all. I listened to all of the advice and learned fast to disregard it. If you like euchre, you'd like Wizard. And between hands, we made up a list of my mum's wicked skillz. Seriously, the lady can do lots excellently - keeping score, removing splinters, egg salad with and without onions, stained glass, line dancing, laundry . . . Personally, I always make sure she's on my team. Her ears must have been burning 'cause she just called! Holy Toledo. How does she do that?? Well, I suppose it had a little to do with the fact that I hijacked her Corolla to get home last night. Apparently she wants it back. I thought it was my Easter gift. Whateves.
Happy Easter, everybody!



Katherine said...

Happy Easter! Looks like you had a wonderful day. Your mom does have some skillz alright. I always cheat at Bunco since I can't eat, drink, talk, and roll dice at the same time (well, cheating implies that I gain from it). Well, off to finish up my last-minute bunny nuggets!

orangeheromama said...

rofl! sounds like you had a great time!

Happy Easter!! :)

~LM scrappymom(christy)~
(you knew it was ME right??)

OzB said...

Happy Easter N :-) Looks like you had a totally awesome day! Gorgey weather too. Your dessert looks so good....I'm salivating still LOL.

knitty_kat said...

One of these days I will manage to keep current events current. LOL

Bunny butt - ha!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

I'd want to eat the butt too!

Looks like a fun easter!