Flowers for Me?

Two - one planted and one cut - flower arrangements arrived on my desk this week in appreciation of my administrative support and skills. Aw, shucks. I inevitably locked my eyes with my feet, my cheeks went bright red, and I mumbled my thanks. Then I immediately brought them home and placed them on the mantle for only my viewing pleasure from the white couch. The girls were flabbergasted that other people like me. It's not THAT impossible.
NOTE: These pictures were taken three days ago, and I have since then managed to over-water the tulips. They may be 'did'. I want to see the colonel. He's 'did'. This is only funny to my children.


Megan said...

ooo... pretty. I like the way you've arranged your knitting needles!

c.Rachel said...

Those are lovely!

Ditto. I love your knitting needle bouquet too!

knitty_kat said...

ooh! I totally forgot to blog about mine. Guess I better get a better pic.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Pretty flowers!