Oot and A-Boot

That was the longest winter EVER! In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if it snowed again tomorrow. So we've been taking advantage of all the sunshine and milder weather by walking around our neighbourhood and along the river.
I'm not walking fast - the family walks really slow. I do yell back at them every now and then to speed up, but they can't hear me over the constant howling. What do they find so flippin' funny that they can laugh for a hour straight? I don't get it. Breathe, people.
So I take pictures while they roar and snicker.
When we get home again, it's quiet time. I catch up on my correspondence and drink a cup of tea or coffee - whatever is put in front of me.

And in between all of it, I have been sewing and knitting as per usual. Here's B's new skirt I whipped up using this free pattern. Very easy and quick - I have more fabric cut and ironed to make two more. They'd be done by now, but I was interrupted by the timers that indicated the quiche and muffins were finished baking. I just haven't gotten back down to my little craft corner to sew them up. I doubt they'll take me more than 20 minutes. I recommend this pattern to any beginner. This skirt matches the new spring tunic perfectly!!

And on the knitting front, I am on the bind-off of the Hemlock Ring blanket. I didn't really believe that this row would take FOREVER. It will. I am convinced that it will literally take me the entire weekend. I wish I were joking. I should really just stop whining about it, and git 'er done.
Toot, toot.


orangeheromama said...

OMG!!! I say oot and a-boot ALL the time!!! ROFL!!! :D

c.Rachel said...

Love B's slouchy beret!

That skirt is something I need to try. Thanks for linking the pattern!

LittleSpots said...

I so hear you on the longest winter ever. The weather people are calling for MORE snow Monday. No skirt wearing here yet, not bare legged at least. It's super darling though.

Katherine said...

Love the skirt! It was my first sewing project, actually, but I didn't blog it because it was somewhat of a disaster. I should just put up a pic, seriously. Anyway, yours is lovely. Did you just do a regular hem?

As for the pictures - honestly, how cute are you?

Knit and Purl Mama said...

I dont think it was so much of a long winter, BUT I think that the seasons have shifted later. So winter starts later, but ends later....so that's why it seems to be a long winter.