Saving the Earth One Tire at a Time

Did everyone get out this weekend and clean up their neighbourhood? We did. And J found a tire in the ravine and wheeled it right out. I crossed the line at picking up purple used condoms. Just saying - it got nasty. I spent a great deal of time yelling at B to put her gardening gloves back on. My lord. More the reason to get out and clean it up I suppose. The best part was that one of the local ladies handed out freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. She's definitely getting invited back next year.

See what I mean??? She's carrying her gloves around with a cookie in the other hand. Well, you can't argue with that 'cause it would be super gross if one of those gloves was touching the cookie. I know this.

Later that same day I strategically left a little knitting project B started ages ago on the sofa, and she picked up the bait and knit up a row without being prodded and hassled. The kid remembered everything! Hollah!

I, on the other hand, am knitting dishclothes like it is 1999. I kind of enjoy feather 'n' fan in little pieces. It's very pretty. By the way, cotton is not fun for knitting two stitches together. That or my knitting is getting tighter. Holy moses, my knuckles. I now remember why I gave up knitting dishclothes. Good times.




orangeheromama said...

LOL! @ not picking up the used condoms...EWWWWW!!!!

And I LOVE the dishcloth!! I NEED to learn to knit more than that basic beginner stitch so i can make some pretty dishcloths!!! They are soooooo cute!!

Lupie said...

What a beautiful picture of B!
I love to see children knitting/crocheting.
I taught both my daughters when they were little and now we have a knitting/crochet group.

c.Rachel said...

Love it that B is knitting! You are one sly mommy too.

I love the color in your dishcloth. So soothing and goes well with the ripple design.

knitty_kat said...

you always have the best fun . . .purple rain coats? For real? LOL

Yis, must make dish clothes! Now that I have my own dishes to wash with them.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

I would definitely invite cookie lady back next year!

I'm not into knitting dish cloths. I'm not a huge fan of cotton.