See and believe

It may not look like much but this is......a sock! Can you see the gusset? The gentle turn of the heel? Thanks to all of your kind words of encouragement I persevered and a few days ago, turned my very first heel. And not one tear was shed! You guys were right about just taking it step by step and in the end, it wasn't that difficult once you get your brain wrapped around it. This sock is probably a men's size 12 so I've stopped knitting it and will probably rip it out but I just wanted to thank everyone and show you that I didn't give up, in fact, I've already got the leg of a pair of Monkey socks knit up! The ambition is there folks, socks will get knit! Mucho gracias!


c.Rachel said...

I applaud you!! I am knitting a sock right now and just finished the ribbing. I'm working on the length of the sock...about 8 inches to go. I took a look at the heel part of the pattern and was puzzled. I put it away and will just work on the 8 inches for now.

Looking forward to your Monkey socks. You're rocking the socks!

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

Picture me doing a happy dance!! Welcome to the other side. The other side being sock knitters. Once you knit a heel, you're in. Socks are all the same unless you follow Cat Bordhi - I want to, I'm just too afraid. :) Now work that magic on your monkey.