Meet Yo Yo. Yo Yo, Say Hi.

Sorry about the silence.  I haven't taken a picture in seven days!   I'm back.  This is Yo Yo.  He was a gift for the Bee's eighth birthday.  Yo Yo is still kind of leery about us.  He plasters himself up against the side of the bowl when we come near.  He seems to remember the blue fishnet really well when I need to clean the bowl.  He's very slippery and can evade the net for hours until I give up.  I never completely give up 'cause the bowl needs to be cleaned.  It usually takes a few tries.  It's been very trying.  We never had this issue with Tartar Charlie.  Tartar Charlie was most cooperative when it came to cleaning the bowl.  Who knew fish had such personality? Oh Yo Yo.

As for some things I've been working on, I have another pair of stripey socks nearly complete, I've whipped up three of these bracelets out of an old tee that was destined for the goodwill pile, and I only have two months left to finish my EZ project which has stalled with a fairisle vest.  I need to step it up!  I'm going to need to focus, priortize, organize, plan, coordinate, gather up my resources, implement, do, make, go, knit, sew, cut, thread, run, bake, cook, clean, lead, drive, play, create, eat, drink, be merry.  All of that.  Beginning now.



Pie for the Eye said...

Love Yoyo's name and he's such a gorgeous colour. Love the bracelet idea too. We're very into bracelets here at the moment. I'll have to share your link with my girls in the morning, they'd be all over that project!

~RaenWa~ said...

YoYo is a gorgeous color I have never seen one that color before. The bracelets are cool. I hope you are able to get your vest done.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Oh wow, Yo Yo is a really nice color. What kind of fish is that?

Cute tshirt bracelets. I wish I had girls. :)

knitty_kat said...

You know, I'm sure we didn't start the EZ throwdown in Jan . . we've got till Feb. And I'm sooo not going to make it.