Be mine Valentine

I'm going through a crochet phase right now if you haven't noticed.  I think crochet and knitting have different applications, for example I prefer the look of knitting for clothing but find crochet faster and easier for smaller, shaped items such as toys and these little love hearts from PlanetJune.  I crocheted these from leftover bits of Vanna's Choice in pink and red and made them in three different sizes.  They were crocheted all in one night, which was great and very satisfying, however my carpal tunnel kept me up all night and stayed with me the next day.  Does anyone else experience carpal tunnel from knitting or crocheting?  If you do I wouldn't suggest making all seven hearts in one sitting because although you'll have a festive heart garland to adorn your kitchen window in no time, shooting pain up the arm is definitely not worth it.  Valentine's Day is still over two weeks away so you've got time. 


The small sized heart would make a cute pin or could be glued onto some cardstock for a Valentine for your sweetie.


CrochetBlogger said...

Sorry to hear that this great little crochet project activated your carpal tunnel. :( I don't have that problem (yet) but have wondered if there are tools (such as specific wrist wear) that would help at all when crocheting?

LJ said...

I love these! They are so cute. I must learn to crochet and knit...