Warding off the Chill

The office in which I work can be a bit frosty at times.   I believe I need to make about twenty pairs of these pretty handwarmers for all the ladies.  You know, for health and safety. :)   Details such as yarn and pattern can be found here on ravelry.  To speed things up, I think I'll modify the pattern for dk or worsted weight.

Ron Sexsmith is playing at the Aeolian in March.  I think we all need to go.  'Cause there's gold in them hills, and I like dandelion wine.



Anonymous said...

Oooo...those are so pretty. Like, REALLY pretty. :)

And, I love Ron Sexsmith. I've seen him twice - once at the Grand. Imagine. Sarah Slean opened and it was incredible. And then a few years ago at the Aeolian.

I'm going to see Basia Bulat there in March. Can hardly wiat.

Again...really, really pretty. :)

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Fabulous fingerless gloves! They do look nice & cozy!

knitty_kat said...

Dude, do you ever slow down? BTW, way to take one for the team . . . in the eyeball - hope yer managing your soccer war wound :)

Pie for the Eye said...

They're gorgeous! I haven't knit anything in ages... these are tempting! I'm not a ravelry member but maybe I should join (if only to get this pattern)! Love the colour you chose too.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

So very pretty! Great picture, too.

Gigi said...

Oh funny -- I'm sitting at my computer reading your post with fingerless mitts on my own poor freezing hands. Yours are much prettier though -- must go check out your lovely pattern on Ravelry.