The house has been stripped of Christmas, and I can feel the rhythm of our everydays return again.  It's quiet.  It's warm.  It's bright.  My face is stuck on smile.   The busyness of school and work makes us appreciate our weekends more.  A roast is cooking slowly, the sun is shining, and my feet are up.  The knitting needles are clicking, and I'm coaxing Mr. J to leave his comfy spot on the couch to fetch me a cup of hot apple cider with no luck.   That's fine.  It's time to stretch my legs.  But if I'm getting up, I'm going to make it worthwhile.  I should start a new batch of bread dough.  That'll take five minutes tops.  Ooh, and there's a princess puzzle in progress on the dining room table that I can hit on my way back to the couch.   This is the life.



Anonymous said...

Sounds just about perfect. :)

Thanks for the birthday wishes. It was the most lovely birthday I've had in years. And...I got a new camera for Christmas (Nikon D7000) and want to pick your brain about the bootcamp you did. Was it through the Spectrum? They are having one this month as well as Feb. and March. I might do it...was it worth it? xo

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Sounds like a nice day. MMm, a Roast... I should make one this week. And get some extra knitting time in. It only takes you 5 minutes to make bread? Really?