Ptarmigan In Progress

I am knitting another cowl.  I have enough cowls to keep me and my hundred closest friends in cowls until the end of the world.  So it only makes sense that I would cast on for another.  I'm using a dk-weight superwash wool for this project, and I am following Jared Flood's Ptarmigan pattern which is so very, very pretty and well-charted.  It's a good knit for those times when you have a little more attention to give, but one that you will also find more rewarding in the end.

Happy Thursday!



knitty_kat said...

Ha! I just found a bag of yarnz from the Mitten. I'm sure that the green silky goodness was purchased for this . . . in August. I'll be casting on for mine shortly

Knit and Purl Mama said...

What a great pattern! Was it easy to knit? I saw on Ravelry you finished it already. I'll have to add that one to my queue to make one day, I love Jared Flood's patterns.