A Teenager's Sanctuary

There is one room in this house in which we rarely step inside.  It's kept tidy for the most part.  I sneak in every few weeks and feather dust it to freshen it up a bit.   I never stay long.  I bet it's a treasure trove of teenage angst and drama.  I'd rather not find out as I am certain it would probably keep me up at night.  There is also a large collection of monkeys, and their stares are a bit unnerving.  Terrifying, really.  However, I am enamoured by her wall of art.  There are a few paintings that she has painted, but my favourite is this portrait that her best friend/boyfriend painted of her for Christmas.  He absolutely adores her, and I know that he spent so much time perfecting it.  I love it!  She spent an equal amount of time knitting him a super long navy scarf, and he wears it every time he steps outside which is more than I can say of Mr. J who has wore the Cobblestone I knit him once in two years.  They're so cute and cool and sensitive.

Happy Saturday!  I'm going to hunker down and get some knitting finished.  I'm excited about dinner - hummus, pitas, and fresh veggies.  It's a nosh kind of night.



Anonymous said...

I love her sanctuary. You are a rockin' mama to respect her space so much.

Gorgeous portrait. Teenage love - is there anything quite like it? Such an intense time in the life of a person.

Happy Saturday. Oh how I love hummus - we are having turkey tacos. xo

LaurieM said...

That's a beautiful blue on the walls and it highlights the blue of her eyes in the portrait. There's a lot of emotion in that image. Very well done.

We're having tacos tonight too. Must be a Saturday night thing.

OrangeHeroMama said...

love that quilt on her bed! and hey! it's the painting you were telling me about the other day!! neato!

and since everyone is sharing their last nights dinnner, mine was fish and rice and veg. i would much rather have had the tacos! but at least i didn't have to actually cook dinner, i got to nap! :)

OzB said...

I'm with you on the monkeys :-) The portrait on the other hand is just wonderful! What a special keepsake. And in case I haven't told you lately, I think you're awesome :-)

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Very cool teenager's room!