Going to the Court House...

Dear N,

I'm a Mrs.! And it's all over! T and I have been exhausted but the flowers have wilted, the licenses have been signed and the cake crumbs swept up. We are official and I wish you were there to share our day.

I don't have any pictures to post yet since I didn't really take any pictures except for the day after of my bouquet, which I got at the grocery store, by the way, and I absolutely loved it.I added the pearls to a bunch of white flowers, chopped off the bottom and tied ribbon around it. I was so pleased.

Our "honeymoon" consisted of one night at a ritzy hotel that probably had the most comfortable bed that I've ever slept in and the best room service breakfast I've ever eaten in my life. I could have wallowed in my bananas foster waffles and T's egg's benny forever. Yum!As soon as my new father in law emails me the pictures, I'll post them. Until then, here is the before and after of my dining room chair re-upholstery. I know, not the wedding pictures that you were expecting, but don't they look so much better?

Hope you and the girls are having a wonderful vacation together. You are such a great mom and I know they'll have lots of fun with you.