In the Fading Light of this Coming Night


Can another weekend be coming to another end? So soon? I shall not dread Monday as I do each Sunday night, but rather look forward to next Friday night when this weekend bliss will again begin.

I have pictures for you, T. Remember those hand/wristwarmers that I was hankering to knit? I have only ripped it out entirely once, and ripped out several rows during the second attempt. I am in love with the diagonal ribbing - I feel a whole baby blanket of diagonal rows coming on. It would be so lovely! Wouldn't you agree?

And check out the vintage doll I picked up yardsalin' on Saturday morning? Isn't it worthy of a horror flick? B loves her, but I am tempted to stow the doll away in the closet while we are sleeping lest we have nightmares.

I have made a fresh batch of guacamole, and J and I are going to settle ourselves in front of the tube for a new episode of Flight of the Conchords. I completely agree that kiwis with guitars are SOOO dreamy!