The Vest a.k.a. The Pale Periwinkle Pest

Hello T.

The vest is nearly finished. The ribbing around the neck and arms is finished. I only need to seam up the sides. And weave in all the ends (there’s about a million – am I the only person who dreams about tying knots and cutting the yarn with my scissors??). And then block the dang thing. What I find funny about this whole first knitted garment situation is that in the end it probably won’t fit me. I think if I found a pattern with not so much finishing, I would be more content. I know there’s a gazillion patterns out there for seamless sweaters – I just need to find one that I would wear. Soon. I am going stir crazy. I want to knit, but I need to finish at least one project! My knitting basket is brimming over with ends that need weaving, pieces that need seaming, and half knitted objects. Ugh.

E is off at a friend’s house until Saturday. It’s going to be weird not having her around. She’s always quiet, so it won’t be quieter, and she’s never underfoot as she is always hiding in her room with a book or loafing on a couch on a phone, or typing away on the computer. Let’s face it, we never see her or hear her anyway. This weekend was the only time the kid has been home for two days straight since school was let out. One day she came home to shower, and she was back out the door in two seconds. I was trying to think of something special to do while she was away to surprise her when she returns, and I came up with painting her room, but we have to wait until the roof and her bedroom window are replaced. I could clean her room – but somehow that seems so unfair to me. I could put in some organizers in her closet. We could switch the girls rooms and paint her new room. However, before I go too far, I should really look at my planner. I have aerobics two of the nights, work every day and B at childcare four of the days, J is at work four of the days, knit club is tonight, and the only free night (Friday) I am meeting friends for coffee and desserts downtown. Plus I have a dentist appointment on Wednesday, and although the world does not stop for dental work, I plan to take it easy – call it a gift to myself for being such a champ. It seriously hurts thinking this much. Know what I mean? It’s a real wonder that I get out the door most mornings. All I do is think.

I was reminded of your issues this morning, and I reminded myself that I am lucky that I have friends with whom I can knit and enjoy coffee and desserts. I am lucky that I have a roof to repair and walls to paint. I am lucky that B has fantastic child care which is SO hard to find these days. I am lucky that our jobs come with dental benefits. I am lucky that I have two legs to stand on and kick and do fancy aerobic moves. I am lucky to have a brain to think.

Hey! You wanna know something else? Tabouli is really filling. I am really full. And tabouli is a really cool word. Tabouli. Tabouli. Tabouli. Grilled Chicken. Pita. Mmmm.

And that light fixture? Throw some crazy crocs on it. Now THAT would look fugly!