We're Not in Kansas Anymore

Dearest N,

Not to worry, I am keeping my head above water, which was almost impossible to do yesterday with our 1.5 inches of rain in 30 minutes. Of course I was stuck driving in this awful electrical storm yesterday, as I always seem to be during storms, and had to pull over on the side of the road because I literally could not see two feet in front of me. I was forced to continue driving because I realized that I was on a tree lined parkway and I could see branches falling out of the trees. I told myself that I was not going to die today and I was not going to die under a fallen tree! Have you ever seen rain fall sideways before? Well, neither had I until yesterday. Then the hail started. I don't really know how large they were because as soon as they hit the car they shattered into bits like glass. It was so scary N, I had to tell myself not to start crying because that would make it even harder to see. I finally arrived home, took my shoes off and made a mad dash for the house. Two minutes later the sun was shining. I am telling myself that this storm was a microcosm/foreshadow of my current life because in the end, the sun will shine.

Updates on the felted clogs and my "Backroom Overhaul" still to come!