Holy Vacation, Batman!

It's official, T, you're a bona fide wife, and I am on vacation! This morning the girls and I went to the market, to a store-wide yarn sale, and antiquing in the country, and we were home by about 1 p.m. Not bad, eh? I got them packed, and my parents came to pick them up for what is to be B's first sleepover. They're going to the beach for dinner, and I must wait until J is finished work, and I think we will try an authentic Chinese restaurant down the street. Mmmm.

I went on to the Ravelry site to see where I was in line, and apparently my invite got sent out in June, and my mail spammer thingamajig blocked it. Oh well, at least I checked, and they sent out another invite to get blocked again! Then I added the email address to my safe list, and it arrived on my third attempt. I feel myself getting smarter! I'm on, but now I need to join Flickr and upload my pics which would be fine if I remembered my yahoo ID and password from my Freecycle days. When I finally remembered my ID, yahoo sent me a password reminder email, but guess what??? My email spammer thingamajig blocked it. I haven't the patience to go back ten more steps to go forward one, so I will try again tomorrow.

I bought some Lana Grossa sock yarn in indigo for my first real pair of socks, and I found a easy lacy pattern, and I got started, and about 8 rows in, I went to the washroom, and B pulled out one of the dpns with plans to orchestrate her band of stuffed animals. Fantastic. I am in a rut of tearing out projects. Maybe karma is telling me to seam up the sides of THE VEST.

How did the wedding go?